Packages & Pricing

Looking for transparent and affordable pricing options for your officiant needs? Look no further than Garry Francis! Below, you’ll see a range of packages designed to suit your specific requirements, whether it’s a sweet and simple wedding, or you’re looking for a more all-inclusive package.

Whatever package you choose, Garry will officiate your function with warmth, kindness and appropriateness. Garry guarantees 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee if you don’t receive 5 Star Service

Option for couples to apply and obtain their marriage licence on-line to be picked up at your municipal office.

HST Included in all package prices
No substitution of package details
Package prices are not negotiable

Do I really need a Rehearsal?

Rehearsal Facts:
The rehearsal day actually demands more care and time than the wedding day, hence the reason why many officiants don’t offer the service. Garry believes that such an important milestone needs careful and thoughtful preparation.

♥ Rehearsal: $275.00.
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