Welcome to our FAQ’s page, where we answer the most common questions about Garry’s services. Here you’ll find useful information and helpful tips to make the most of your experience. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact Garry for further assistance.
Will you walk us through all the nuptials necessary before the day of the wedding?
I walk through the “draft ceremony” with each couple before the wedding day. The draft ceremony is also used for the rehearsal if the couple desires to have a rehearsal. Rehearsal are included in the Exceptional/Elite packages. $245 (travel included) for a rehearsal with the Excellent Package
What do you love most about celebrating a wedding?
I love listening to the vows especially when the couples write their own. I have great memories from hearing couples vow their lives to one another…reminds me to to keep the vow I made in 1988! By the way my e-mail address (married1988@gmail.com) is a constant reminder of my wedding vows.
Do you have sample wording/readings that you will be able to show us?
My website has 400+ pages of resources to help you build the ceremony that suits you “perfectly!” I can show you this in person.
Are you flexible with ceremony details such as music, readings and vows? (Example: religious themes)
I’m your wedding specialist! I have encountered every type and style of ceremony in my career. I love adding new experiences. The only “items” that I require for a ceremony are the legal requirements (Vows, signing and declaration) Everything else is chosen by the couple.
Do you allow photography or videography during the ceremony?
Absolutely…we need to capture every part of your Milestone Moment for future viewing and sharing with others.
How long is one of your typical ceremonies?
20-25 minutes. Outdoor ceremonies tend to be a bit shorter 15-20 minutes (probable due to weather conditions)
How many weddings have you officiated?
One year I officiated 50! Too much! I average about 30 per year now because I’m choosing to officiate “quality” memorable Milestone Moments instead of running from wedding to wedding. My price point tends to attract couples who are more interested in quality and developing a relationship with the officiant.
What are your contingency plans in the event that you may not be able to attend?
I have an Associate Officiant who is able to step in for me in case plans change. I also can call upon other officiants whom I trust to step in if I am not able to attend.
Which seminary were you ordained through?
I graduated from Seminary in Cambridge with my Masters degree. I was licensed to officiate weddings in 1997. I now operate as a “Certified Life Celebrant.”
Do you require us to have counseling before marrying?
No…If you choose the Elite package…counseling is included. My wife meets with the bride one on one for a “girls night out/in session!”
Do you personally fill out the wedding certificate and send it in?
Yes I do. The law requires that the wedding documents are mailed within 48 hours of the wedding.
What do you look for in a couple that you officiate for?
Commitment to each other, loyalty to last and go the distance. I love it when couples find “their identity and face the world together.”
What do you charge for a ceremony rehearsal?
$245 (travel included) if not included in the package.
Do you wear formal attire while officiating on the wedding day?
I normally wear a suit. I have the option to wear a Black tuxedo if the couple desires depending on the venue.
Do you like to incorporate a little humour in your ceremonies?
Every ceremony I officiate includes something called: Garry’s Gift which is “funny” advice for the couple. Here is an example: The three S’s of a good marriage…Keep Smiling! Keep Secrets! Keep Serving!
Do the packages included HST?
Yes, HST is included in each package.
Do packages cover all travel fees to our location ?
Travel fees depends on the package chosen. See pricing for more details.
Is there a time limit to the length of the ceremony?
There is no time limit to the length of a wedding ceremony. The length is determined by the couple and their wishes and desires.